Mastering Symfony 2 – Part 1 – Installation

I’ve switched to a new employer and so the used framework. So I’m writing about my experience with Symfony 2.

So first, ensure you have a current version of composer, if not, download it:

Now, you can use composer to create a new Symfony 2 based project:

It will load the latest stable version since the syntax of ~2 is the same like >= 2.0, < 3.0.  You can check here for the release notes. After the download process you will be polled for some decisions:

The  Acme demo bundle  will install some classes to demonstrate some features of Symfony 2. It’s up to you to install this bundle. I will not use this bundle in future posts, but it’s maybe helpful to you.

All other decisions you can leave unattended as we will change them later:

Finally you did it, you installed Symfony 2 successfully….

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