Create an Arch Linux based Vagrant base box

Here is my simple tutorial to create an Arch Linux based Vagrant base box.


First, download the Arch Linux iso on this page.

Now, create a new virtual machine:

  • Click „New“
  • Name „Vagrant Arch Linux“
  • Set „Memory size“ to 1024MB
  • Select „Create a virtual hard disk now“
  • Click „Create“
  • Set „File size“ to 100GB
  • Click „Create“

After creating the virtual machine, change the settings:

  • Select the virtual machine and click „Settings“
  • Select „Storage“, select the „empty“ under „Controller: IDE“
  • Click on the upper right corner on the DVD icon an select „Choose Virtual Optical Disk File…“
  • Select the downloaded Arch Linux iso and click „Open“
  • Click „OK“

Finally, you can run the virtual machine by clicking „Start“. You will prompted with several boot options, choose the first (or the second, if you have an x86 system).

For the installation, I’m using the following commands to create a real minimalistic Arch Linux installation:

Now you can create and add a base box by the following command:


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