Create an Arch Linux based Vagrant base box

Here is my simple tutorial to create an Arch Linux based Vagrant base box.   First, download the Arch Linux iso on this page. Now, create a new virtual machine: Click „New“ Name „Vagrant Arch Linux“ Set „Memory size“ to 1024MB Select „Create a virtual hard disk now“ Click „Create“ Set „File size“ to 100GB […]

Mastering Symfony 2 – Part 1 – Installation

I’ve switched to a new employer and so the used framework. So I’m writing about my experience with Symfony 2. So first, ensure you have a current version of composer, if not, download it: curl -sS | php Now, you can use composer to create a new Symfony 2 based project: ./composer.phar create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition […]

Install Vagrant on Arch Linux

For development, Vagrant is the best way to provide a development environment. On Arch Linux some preconditions are needed to be satisfied. Preconditions VirtualBox First, you have to install VirtualBox and the host modules sudo pacman -Sy virtualbox virtualbox-host-modules net-tools If you use an custom kernel, you should use virtualbox-host-dkms instead. You can find more […]

Install Redis on Arch Linux

Installing a Redis server is really simple on Arch. First, you have to install the package via package manager sudo pacman -Sy redis The package comes without an systemd service so you have to create one for your own. Create a new file sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/redis.service and add the following content [Unit] Description=Redis Server […]